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just a girl with her camera and a passion for capturing your memories

I'm Mckenzie, a Calgary wedding photographer, chicken nugget connoisseur, dog mom of five, and a chaotic-brained individual. 

I have always been intrigued by love stories, and I'm not embarrassed to admit that it's the reason I love all the cheesy and predictable Hallmark Christmas movies. Because of this, it only made sense that when I turned my interest in photography into a business, working with couples and weddings would be what I enjoyed the most. 

Capturing your smiles after you share an inside joke, watching you take your unique spin on my prompts, and laughing along with you is what makes me excited about what I do. 

While I take my job seriously, on your wedding day I strive to be easy-going and laid back; I can promise you a lot of sarcasm, so if you have a good sense of humour, you're in the right place. 

But the most important information I can give to my wedding couples about myself is 

I'm here to capture your first kiss as a married couple, your first dance, cutting the cake, and all the other important little moments. 
It's important you choose a wedding photographer that understands your needs, wants, and photo dreams. Someone that you get along with and can trust to deliver a beautiful gallery from your day.

So let's set up a call or meet in person; I'll answer all your questions without any pressure to book. And if we're the right fit, let's make your wedding dreams come true. 

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Photography is my passion

From the moment I was gifted my first camera, photography was a big part of my life. I was rarely seen without it, and even now, people ask me if I "sleep holding my camera." 

When I'm not photographing clients, I take pictures of my dogs, family, nature and everything in between. I have a deep passion for photography and enjoy capturing images and freezing moments in time. 

I personally love to look back on old photographs often to enjoy the memories they hold, and I hope you'll do the same with the images I capture for you. 

a. Canon
b. Sony
c. Nikon
d. Fuji

What camera brand do you use?

I like to take long naps when I have some extra time on the weekends. I also spend a lot of time with my nephew; watching him grow is one of my favourite parts of life.

What do you do in your free time?

My husband and I have five dogs.
Two morkies, two yorkies and a maltese. 

Do you have any pets?

a. Photography
b. Graphic Design
c. Education
d. None of the above

What is your
educational background?

Fall! You just can't beat all the beautiful colours. I only wish the season lasted longer in Calgary. 

Favourite season for photos?

Quizz Time!